About Don

Don TwifordHaving encounters with God has changed my life.  This has produced in me a passion for being a student of the Word of God and a passion for prayer.  This is expressed through ministry to encourage and equip churches in having their own encounters with God and then sharing those experiences with people.  I love the phrase: Knowing God and making Him known.

I’m thankful for the opportunities for ministry in many and varied areas throughout my life.  My wife of 34 years, Vicki, and I have traveled as evangelists in itinerant ministries since 1997.  These travels have included holding services and multi-day meetings at churches in over 17 states and in Russia, New Zealand, Argentina, India, and Jamaica.  (35 years of ministry so far)

My thanks goes to God for His direction in allowing me to pastor for 8 years, serve as the Iowa District Youth Director for 6 years (in my younger days) and on various appointed and elected positions within the Assemblies of God during those years: Light for the Lost State Director, Music/Worship Director for the Iowa District and Sectional Men’s Ministry Leader.

I was ordained with the Assemblies of God in 1979 and have been in good standing since then, now residing in Burleson, TX (near the Dallas/Ft Worth metro).

Vicki and I have co-authored our conference manual, “Loving Your City”.  This manual is used to teach and train people in local churches in how to share your faith in every day life.  I would say this has become our great focus of ministry.  Being a witness is what encounters with God always lead to.  What a journey it is to follow Him!

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