5 Things that Can Keep You from Spending Time in Prayer

Motivating and equipping churches and individuals toward spending time in prayer can be a daunting task. This blog is designed to address this issue.  We believe it is the heartbeat of God to make His presence known among His people in a powerful way as well as empower them to participate with Him in the releasing of His will on the earth.

WHME 3d Cover RevisedOver the next several months we will be sharing excerpts from Don and Vicki’s book, Where Heaven Meets Earth.  Don and Vicki use the materials in this book for teaching a prayer conference which has inspired many people to pursue a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the Lord in prayer

In our first series of prayer blogs we will be talking a great deal about The Power of Prayer.  But first it’s important to address some of the reasons why people do not pray which are as follows:

1.  They think it will not change things: Within the contents of this blog it is our desire to bring about a change in this mindset through teaching about The Power of Prayer.

2.  They have never set a time and a place to pray: To overcome this, set a time before you continue.  It may change, but consider this goal as your starting point.

3.  They have experienced unanswered prayer in the past: It’s important not to focus on what you feel God hasn’t done.  Focus on the times you have received answers to your own prayer, or have head of others receiving an answer to their prayers.

4. They lack a Biblical understanding concerning prayer: In addition to our series on The Power of Prayer we will address your role in prayer and God’s design for you as His representative here on Earth.

 5.  They don’t know where to begin: Lastly, we will then learn principles from scripture that will guide you in your prayer time.

To begin the journey of addressing each one of the above issues continue reading by clicking here.

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3 thoughts on “5 Things that Can Keep You from Spending Time in Prayer

  1. This may be adressed in your fifth point, but I think a lot of people don’t pray regularly because they don’t understand its as simple as holding a conversation. Some people don’t get that all prayer really is, is having a conversation with God. It’s through that one on one conversation you develop a relationship, and the stronger any relationship is, the easier it is to turn to someone (in this case God) with our innermost struggles and needs.

    • I wholeheartedly agree Debbie – prayer is having a conversation with God which flows from and is enriched by our relationship with Him. What a wonderful privilege! And the depth of that relationship determines our ability to trust Him with our deepest struggles. Great truth!
      Thank you for the reply!

  2. Why people don’t pray??? I think it is because God is a last resort to most…a parachute. If I can’t do it myself then I will call on Him mentality. People do pray, but many times it is a default button. What would happen if prayer was our first inclination? I think it would revolutionize our lives and bring us to a level of effectiveness in our day to day living that few people have ever discovered…even though it is available to every follower of Christ. Our natural inclination is to accomplish things with the arm of the flesh and if that doesn’t work then we will call upon God. By the way the 12 apostles had the same problem. Is it sinful? At the very least it is human…and it is foolish to believe we can accomplish in the flesh what God has already informed us to only be possible by His Spirit.