Introduction to Intentional Witnesses

Impacting Your City One Life at a Time

Our first series of blogs on Intentional Witnessing will be excerpts from our “Loving Your City” Manual. The early church impacted 32 countries and 54 cities with the power and love of God. Imagine a world with no mass transit, no internet, no Christian television, or technology. And yet they became a model of what is needed for the church of today to fulfill their part of the Great Commission which is for each one of us to “go and make disciples.” (Matt 28:19)

LYC 3d ImageThe journey of the early church began with and was inspired by realizing God’s great love for them through the life and teachings of Jesus.  After receiving His love, they were then highly motivated as individuals to proclaim and release His amazing power to people they came in contact with during their daily routine.

In the same way, everything we do for the Lord throughout our day must be motivated by the two greatest commandments which are to:


Jesus said, Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself. (Luke 10:27)

 The more we comprehend God’s great love and compassion for us, the better equipped and inspired we will be to release intentional expressions of His power to those around us:

When we see someone with a tangible need, we look for ways to be generous because we don’t want to leave that person in need.

When we encounter someone who is ill, we step out in faith to pray for them because we want that person to be well.

When we see a life that is broken, we speak the wisdom of God to them so we can help bring restoration to their lives.

In the midst of this journey of learning to demonstrate the love and power of God we will overcome fears and barriers to being a witness as we strategize, practice, and encourage one another to impact our city with the love of God – one life at a time:

In our family

At work

In our neighborhood

In our community

Our future blogs are intended to help people overcome fear and intimidation in witnessing, and equip them with the tools necessary for sharing their faith.  For now, encourage others by leaving a comment which describes a situation where you felt motivated by the love of God to share your faith.

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