Loving Your City Conference

Equipping and mobilizing the church to be His witnesses through Lifestyle Evangelism.

LYC Conference Arizona

Jesus said we would be empowered by the Spirit to be His witnesses.

However, 61 percent of the people who attend church do not share their faith, even though they believe they have a personal responsibility and desire to do so.  (LifeWay Research).

Some of the reasons people give for being hesitant to witness consistently are:

  • They are afraid they won’t know what to say.
  • They are intimidated by the reactions they may encounter.
  • They feel the pressure to perform.
  • They feel like a failure if someone doesn’t say the prayer.
  • They have not been intentional part of their daily routine.

All of these issues are addressed and can be resolved in a “Loving Your City” conference.

Without exception, participants consistently respond by saying that with the tools we provide to them they are determined to be more intentional about witnessing on a regular basis.


Recently, Don and Vicki came to our church for a weekend of ministry.  When considering having them come in the first place, our staff unanimously agreed to have them do the “Loving Your City Conference” and they did not disappoint.  They both poured into our lives very practical things to do, say, and be aware of when it comes to lifestyle evangelism.  They also shared a lot of personal stories to encourage all attending to be more intentional when it comes to sharing our faith.


I have been afraid of doing this.  I haven’t felt secure about opening up about the Lord.  This is exactly what I needed. 

That phrase, ‘You’re on assignment by God’ has burned in my heart. I want to identify who God wants me to minister to!

We need to keep asking: What can God do (through me) if I am intentional about witnessing every day?

During the conference we provide opportunity for those we just equipped to go out into the community to “put into practice” what they learned.


I felt led to go to Walmart.  There was this well dressed elderly woman there who had dementia and I asked if I could pray for her.  After that, I felt like going and giving flowers to my hairdresser.  One thing just let to another.  Look what happened in just an hour!  

I was afraid but I had a God-Assignment.  I was at Walmart and felt like I should go to a certain line.  This little lady had a wrist bandage on.  I asked what happened and then prayed for her. She started crying, then bawling.  I asked if she believed in Jesus.  She was a Jehovah witness.  I invited her to church.  She was amazed someone would do this for her!  

After the previous testimony, another individual in the group said:  I just realized I talked to the same lady.  She talked about another woman who just came up and prayed for her!

When we asked the attendees what they wish they had done differently when witnessing, one of them held up our Loving Your City manual and said:

I would read this book first!  And that’s exactly what I’m going to do!


  • Connecting with God, and with other people in the church, so you can effectively connect people in the city with God.
  • Defining what it means to be a witness.
  • 6 forms of evangelism to use in your daily routine.
  • 6 personal styles of Evangelism.
  • 4 ways to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit while witnessing.
  • 6 practical insights for witnessing with wisdom.


The conference is implemented with the cooperation and approval of the pastor to fit the vision of the local church and can be customized to meet the local church schedule.

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