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Photo by Sharon, Courtesy Creative Commons

Photo by Sharon, Courtesy Creative Commons

In our previous blog (Kingdom Mindset and Lifestyle) we said that our example for teaching culture-changing truths about the Kingdom of God is Jesus.  From the scriptures mentioned we know that just a few of the Kingdom realities taught by Jesus include the heavenly reality of healing, provision, and mercy.

These realities were released on earth through Jesus and scripture makes it clear that the source of His power was the Holy Spirit.

Jesus’ connection with the Holy Spirit:

  • Jesus was born of the Spirit (Luke 1:35)
  • Jesus was filled with the Spirit without measure (Luke 3:22)
  • Jesus was led by the Spirit (Luke 4:1)
  • Jesus was empowered by the Spirit (Luke 4:14)
  • Jesus proclaimed the Spirit was upon Him (Luke 4:18)

Even after being raised from the dead Jesus continued to preach the kingdom of His Father (Acts 1:3).  He then told His disciples that they would need the same Holy Spirit as their source for being a witness of His Father’s Kingdom power here on earth (Acts 1:6-8).   It is a power that would impact not only Jerusalem, but cultures extending to the ends of the earth.

Question:  Think of the culture in which you live and how it is contrary to the culture of the Kingdom of God.  In what ways could you be used by the Holy Spirit (in ministry to the sick, to those with a monetary need, and to those living a life with no hope) to impact the lives of people you know.  As you record your reply, think about the impact such acts could have on the culture of your city if everyone in the church were empowered and motivated to do the same.

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