Questions about Booking

Below are some answers to questions we often receive concerning booking.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

At what kinds of events does Don speak?
Don speaks in a variety of settings including church services, “Loving Your City” Conferences, coaching (personal, one-on-one and coaching for Phase 2 for “Loving Your City”), men’s retreats; Marriage Retreats (with his wife, Vicki) missions banquets, conventions, outreach events, and camps.

Does Vicki take speaking engagements as well?
Yes.  Vicki speaks in church services, at ladies events, and teaches Eating With Purpose Seminars.  She and Don also speak together at marriage retreats and at “Where Heaven Meets Earth” Prayer Conferences.

Does Vicki accompany Don on all trips?
Vicki enjoys ministering with Don wherever possible.  

Are there promotional materials available to help us plan for a successful event? 

Yes.  Once you have booked an event we will give you access to these materials.