Witnessing Through Prayer

LYC 3d ImageIn our last blog about “Loving Your City” through intentional witnessing, we said Jesus had many ways of intentionally expressing the love of His Father to people around Him.   

One of the best ways to share the love of God with someone in your daily routine is to find someone who has an obvious need and offer to pray for them.  Following are some helpful tips and wisdom for the expression of prayer evangelism when you are made aware of a need:

  • Ask, “How can I pray with you?”
  • Pray quietly in a manner so as not to draw attention to yourself.
  • Remain sensitive as to whether or not you should touch them.
  • Use common language, not words like, “thee or thou” or other unexplained phrases that someone outside of church may not understand. 
  • If allowed, pray at that time.  If not, let them know you will pray at home and do not be offended if not allowed to pray.
  • Your prayer does not have to be lengthy.

Consider developing a lifestyle of praying quietly in your area of influence as you go about your day.  And over the next few weeks, be intentional about looking for someone to pray for.  You will be amazed at the number of opportunities that will arise when you make yourself available to be used by God in this manner.

If you have ever prayed for someone in public, please share your story! 

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