4 Ways to Share Your Faith

Intentionally Expressing the Love of God in Your Daily Routine

According to The Evangelism Institute and The Barna Group, even though 85% of all evangelical churches have evangelism in their mission statement, only 5% of Christians in a typical church are personally involved in evangelism ministry/sharing their faith.

LYC 3d ImageJesus had many ways of intentionally expressing the love of His Father to people around Him

Below are 4 ways to share your faith so you can develop a lifestyle of witnessing.  In our conference we discuss a total of seven expressions, but for brevity in this blog we will limit it to 4.  As you read through them, remain open to incorporating each of these expressions into your life.

  1. Prayer (praying for people with obvious needs) 
  2. Conversation (bringing Jesus into a conversation or asking leading questions)
  3.  Story (sharing a personal testimony/your story of salvation for instance)
  4.  Compassion (finding a need and meeting it while expressing Christ’s love)

In our next few blogs we will examine each one of these in more detail and how they can be woven into your daily routine.  For now, please leave a reply answering the following question:

Which of the above avenues would you feel most comfortable using, or have used, as a tool for witnessing?  

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2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Share Your Faith

  1. #3 is Probably the one I use most, though it might not be the easiest. Prayer is ‘easy’ but honestly prayer is not my strong suit. Not proud of that!! I do pray for people, but I don’t feel like I’m fulfilling the great commission by just praying. ?? Just me.
    #2 conversation steering is good, but it’s hard to make it feel natural and flowing in the conversation.
    #4 we should all do! I need to find/make time to volunteer and do this.
    I guess #3 I like because I like to give God the glory when people ask how I raise kids, stay married, balance life…all that I just says “praise God, I couldn’t do it without him, and a few years ago my life looked totally different!!
    Thanks for the ideas. I’m always wanting to update my evangelism tool box.